At my farmhouse studio in Maine I enjoy creating detailed watercolour illustrations and colour saturated allover prints in many styles - floral, geometric, abstract, which I then develop into the print and surface designs you see featured in my online shops. In the past I have enjoyed developing designs for companies, large and small, in the fashion and home decor markets. My highly detailed watercolors have been featured on porcelain for Andrea by Sadek, PTS America, Noritake and other manufacturers. I have illustrated a number of books, designed logos, embroideries, placement prints and greeting cards. My work has been featured in Bloomingdales, LL Bean, Macy’s, The Winterthur Museum and in various magazines and special publications. Nowadays I am thrilled to be able to offer many products adorned with my illustrations and prints, from wallpaper and fabric by the yard to chiffon scarves 55" square, via the amazing auspices of print on demand venues. New and wonderful products are coming online at an ever faster pace and I am thrilled to be able to offer them as they emerge. I hope you enjoy looking at my work as much as I enjoy creating it - all my illustrations and designs are originally created by hand in watercolour on paper or acrylic on panel, then scanned and manipulated as necessary ready to be uploaded to my shops. I use Winsor and Newton paints and series 7 brushes on Arches hot press paper pads to create my watercolour work. I love detailed illustration in both pencil and watercolour, I love the meditation of creating repeating patterns as both allover textile designs and circular mandalas. There is not enough time in each day for me to bring to fruition all the designs I have as sketches - but each day I create more and enjoy the process from initial sketch to finished art ready to be configured into all manner of designs and layouts.   I live near a beautiful blueberry barren where I walk frequently to enjoy the natural beauty at all times of year. I find that walk is my muse as I come up with many ideas and solve design problems when I free my mind of the cobwebs of daily life. PatriciaSheaDesigns February 2016